On 1 July 2017, Everymind assumed management of the online suicide and self-harm prevention resource Living Is For Everyone (LIFE) as part of the delivery of a new national initiative called Life in Mind.

The process is now underway for the development of a new online portal, anticipated to be fully operational by mid-2018.

In the interim, you can access the following key information from this page:

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What is Life in Mind?

Life in Mind is a new national initiative that will connect Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other and the community, by providing a digital platform for knowledge exchange around suicide prevention activities in Australia.

Life in Mind will provide sector leadership through collaboration and engagement, and will facilitate access to current evidence-based resources, services, research and policies. This will ensure that coordinated and consistent messaging underpins our collective communications about suicide in Australia. Read more about Life in Mind

Everymind is leading Life in Mind initiative.

Everymind is a leading national Institute dedicated to reducing mental illness and suicide and improving wellbeing for Australians. For 25 years, Everymind has been delivering successful evidence-based mental health and suicide prevention programs, making a considerable contribution to the mental health and wellbeing of the population through a commitment to:

  • Building the capacity of individuals, families, organisations and communities so they can contribute to the reduction of mental illness and suicide
  • Translating evidence in to practical resources, programs and approaches that are fit-for-purpose
  • Working in partnership to deliver the best outcomes
  • Using evaluation and research to guide the Institute’s work and the work of others
  • Innovation and flexibility – working locally and nationally.

Key project updates

Consultation with the sector

To help shape the new portal and direction for Life in Mind, a national consultation has taken place with key agencies and organisations working in the suicide prevention sector. The findings from these consultations will help to inform the development of the Life in Mind portal and future communications strategies by providing a clear understanding of the sectors’ needs. A summary of these key findings will be available soon.

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Contact us

For all enquiries regarding Life in Mind, please contact:

PO Box 833, Newcastle NSW 2300

Need Help?

If yours or someone else’s life is in danger, please call Emergency Services on 000.

This website does not provide clinical services. If you are currently experiencing distress or need help, please refer to our support information HERE.

If you are worried about someone and aren’t sure what to say or how to say it, Conversations Matter provides practical information and tips for individuals and communities to support safe and effective discussions about suicide.

The LIFE Framework

The Living Is For Everyone (LIFE) Framework is Australia’s national framework for suicide prevention.

You can still access the Framework and other useful resources here: