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Our Healing, Our Future: shaping strategies with our young people Webinar

The Healing Foundation webinar titled 'Our Healing, Our Future' about healing for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Parents Matter Information Sheet

Provides information and guidance for parents who are concerned that their child is going through a tough time and may be vulnerable to thoughts of suicide.

Postvention Australia Guidelines: A resource for organisations and individuals providing services to people bereaved by suicide

Preventing suicide by children and young people

This comic aims to encourage young people to seek help and support each other.

Preventing Suicide by Children and Young People

Prevention of Depression and Anxiety: Quick guide to evidence-based school programs

Black Dog researchers co-led an evaluation of various psychological programs, designed to prevent depression and/or anxiety in children and adolescents within schools. These programs consist of both online modules and face-to-face programs, offered to both primary and high school students. 

QLife Guides

The QLife Guides, focuses on some frequently asked topics about working with LGBTI people. The Guides use plain language around some complex topic areas, to help people feel able to work constructively with all kinds of clients on LGBTI matters. While there will always be a place and need of specialist services, like QLife, our philosophy is that LGBTI people are entitled to care wherever they are.

R U OK? In Hospitality

by R U OK?

R U OK? Mateship Manual

by R U OK?

There’s a lot of good things about living and working outside Australia’s bigger towns and cities, but it also has its unique challenges.

Fewer services, natural disasters, isolation and loneliness are just a few of the things that can be harder to deal with in rural communities. There can also be a ‘toughen up’ culture where it’s not always easy to talk about the things that keep us awake at night, or give us the confidence to ask a mate if everything is ok.

If someone you know – a family member, mate, neighbour or workmate - is doing it tough, chances are they won’t always tell you.

Sometimes it’s up to us to trust our gut instinct and ask someone who may be struggling with life “are you ok?”. By asking and listening, we can help our mates and loved ones feel more supported and connected long before they even think about suicide. It’s something we can all do by following a few simple steps.

Red Chocolate Elephants

‘Red Chocolate Elephants’ is an activity book and DVD resource for children bereaved by suicide. In a world where children are often forgotten mourners, this unique combination of text, pictures, and voices – all in the words of bereaved children themselves – will be a treasured safe haven for young people to hear their fears, questions, and difficulties put into words by other children just like them.

On the accompanying DVD, these same youngsters speak their words aloud as we see their drawings of their experience. The book and DVD are an excellent resource for parent and child to use together in trying to face the suicide of a loved one. This is also a valuable resource for those supporting children in schools and others therapeutic settings.