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Red Dust Healing

A presentation which outlines the program background, content, design, outcomes, and case studies.

Regional Access

Rural Suicide and its Prevention: a CRRMH position paper

A position paper for rural suicide and its prevention. 

SANE Bereavement Guidelines

The SANE Bereavement Guidelines offer a best practice approach in support of family and friends of people with mental illness who have died by suicide.

These Guidelines help health services develop and implement a bereavement policy that will lead to improved support for family and friends when someone with a mental illness dies by suicide.

Self-care for your mental health

Fact sheet guiding self-care.

Solutions that work: What the evidence and our people tell us. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project Report

The Report summarises the evidence-base for what works in Indigenous community-led suicide prevention, including responses to the social determinants of health that are ‘upstream’ risk factors for suicide. It also presents tools to support Indigenous suicide prevention activities developed by the project. Through these, we hope you agree that ATSISPEP has placed Indigenous suicide prevention activities on a firm foundation. The ATSISPEP Team believes that this Report should be considered by all Government agencies, particularly in relation to social and cultural determinants of health. The tools related to planning, assessment and evaluation should be considered by all parties involved in suicide prevention, including the Primary Health Networks, particularly in relation to the implementation of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Spot the Signs Card

StandBy Support After Suicide

Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW

The NSW Mental Health Commission is consulting with individuals and organisations across the state on the creation of a ‘Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW’, on behalf of the NSW Government. The project is focused on understanding the unique strengths and needs of individual communities and applying these to an effective state-wide approach. A key part is listening to community feedback on what is working and where more or new effort is needed. 

The NSW Mental Health Commission together with the Ministry of Health will consider how the Framework will sit across the activities of government in suicide prevention. The Commission expects to provide the Minister for Mental Health with a Framework that is practical and based upon both the evidence and people's own lived experience in late 2018.

Stress Less Conversation Pack

The Stress Less Conversation Pack has been designed to increase conversations about stress amongst teams who work together. It has also been found to be useful for those who educate or support young people with special needs and as a tool within families where one or more members experience mental health challenges. The pack consists of a stress meter, 4 posters which describe different levels of stress, a set of cardboard coasters and a set of question cards to encourage conversations around individual stress levels and strategies to reduce stress.